Tuesday, September 04, 2007


C. J. Cat Goes Along!

When Duchess and I travel, we are always accompanied by our little white Siamese (mostly) C. J. While he is not real good as a watch/attack cat, he is friendly, demanding, underfoot, loud, and always right where we are.
In the coach C. J. is usually under the bucket chair, or on the floor behind the motor. When we park he takes to the dash. Sometimes on the dash itself, and sometimes atop the TV.
When we draw the curtains for night and sleep, the curtains are usually parted and open a crack in the morning as C. J. has been on cat patrol outside the curtains.

This just-completed trip was close to four weeks, and we had a quite interesting occurrence when we got home. C. J. was suddenly scared of the house. He'd walk only by walls and furniture, not across the middle of the floor as usual. He also stayed mostly under something...the dining table, an end table, etc.The symptoms went away after three-four days. We are guessing he had acclimated to the smaller coach and the house seemed "large" to him on our return.


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