Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Your Pastie, My Pastie!

From the "General Information" category!

The image was not pretty. We passed a small building on the U P with the name "Grandma's Pasties!" That vision seemed a bit wrong. Then we passed a hundred more places advertising their pasties.

Then we found out there are pasties (pay-stees) as used by strippers, and in the U P there are pasties (pa-stees) which are pastries filled with rutabaga, potato, beef, small bits of vegatables, etc. They run near $5 each; weigh about a pound, and are way too much starch!

We bought two when Duchess just had to stop and buy smoked fish...apparently another staple of the U P. She chose a trout. They also had smoked salmon and whitefish.

One negative we saw on the U P.....many, many businesses; restaurants, motels, resorts, and small shops were closed and/or for sale. It appears their economy must be devastated. I plan to ask about a bit and see what is happening.


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