Thursday, August 09, 2007


Whitefish Point - Lake Superior

Sometimes enroute to a "known" touristy site, you find another. We were driving from Mackinaw City North, across the Mackinaw Bridge, and to the top of the UP of Michigan. A friend.....Thanks Luanne!!!.....tipped us to go to the Tahquamenon Park and see the falls. They were quite nice and very unexpected. These are the Upper Falls....the lower falls, which we failed to see, are steps of falls...not a single fall.
Atop the UP of Michigan is Whitefish Point...and its operational lighthouse & museum!The place holds lots of history.
On the beach at Whitefish entire trees have washed ashore in "the gales of November" as Gordon Lightfoot so neatly put it.

In addition to can drive, as did we, down to the lower end of Whitefish Bay and see Iriquois Lighthouse....built in the 1870s, and functional until a couple of decades ago.The beach and waves there are as interesting as Superiors at Whitefish Point.

Lovely day, some fine food, and a neat drive.


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