Saturday, August 11, 2007


WHINE-ER-EES!!! Wahoo!

August 6th

The Finger Lakes of New York are a joy.... They produce WINE!!!!

This pic is of the "Y" in the Seneca Lake area where folks see the lake from above! LOVELY!
Bully Hill, is a fine of MORE THAN A HUNDRED!
We L-O-V-E The winerys of the Finger Lakes of New York!"WE" is a collective term for our group of 6 wine folks from Tampa.....

Duchess and I love the Wagner Wineries of the Seneca Lake area. The others, emboldened by the pair who went to "Bully Hill" last year, love their stuff.....

We visited both in our quest for great wines to enjoy....

We also spent the night in Watkins Glen in the municipal campground, sharing wines with a number of semi-permanent residents. We were there between the Italian festival and the 200 mile race set for the next weekend at "The Glen".


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