Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Reality has a cruel way of stepping into your memories. I last saw Tomahawk, Wisconsin in May of 1970. The memories were already changing from my youth in the 50s. Today ,much has changed.

We stayed at Northforest Campground...located about 7 miles East of Tomahawk, off CR A. It was pleasant, but remote, and dusty on the drive in.

The picture above is all the memoiry that remains of "Weggie's Point Resort" off CR D. An island which then was connected to land by a log bridge built during the winter by Weggie (Heinie Weggman), the owner. The four cabins, and the main house are gone. In their place are a dozen homes along the waterfront.

Bradley Park in Tomahawk has likewise changed. It was haven to campers with tents when we went there. Now it is a small nature center, and a road. The soft pine needle beds under the tall pines have been replaced by weeds and ground plants.
On our way in to the park we crossed an old railroad crossing. Just before it, as we round a bend in the road...a surprise doe stood along the road.

I spoke to lots of folks, but not too many remember much of Tomahawk in the 50s or 60s. Time marches on.

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