Sunday, August 26, 2007


RVing Friends Are Easy To Find!

One of the things Duchess and I enjoy most about RVing is the many friends found...even if you travel about.

In the campgrounds we see many types of campers and vehicles. Tents, fold down tents on wheels, fold down or raised top campers with canvas sides, small van conversions, large van conversions, and Class C-B & A motorhomes. There are also lots of specialty vehicles including those powered by actual diesel truck frontends with motorhome backends.

In addition we meet all types of people. Most are quite pleasant...always there for a helping hand or to offer advice. Most like to see where you're from and perhaps where you've been. We exchange information about campgrounds, and places to see.

On the just-completed trip we had several good times. In Watkins Glen, New York, we stayed at the city's campground on the river. Plain and simple it was none-the-less well-equipt, and the folks in the office were very helpful with one woman not only filling us in about the Adirondacks, but going home at night and bringing us back lots of printed info on the Adirondacks before we departed the next morning. That evening we met a fellow and his wife in the trailer next to our site who live in the North in the Summer, and South in the Winter. That, by the way, is not an unusual combination. The four of us, joined by a trio from a third trailer were soon engaged in a wine tasting. Each brought out their own wines, and we compared wines from other parts of the country and different wineries. NOTE: There are 103 wineries along the finger lakes in New York!

In Mackinaw City at the Mill Creek RV in a story below....we met a couple who traveled in their Class C and we exchanged camping places, and hints about tow cars as I had the current Trailer Life list of vehicles and how they can be towed, and they had taken notice of our little Suzuki Vitara (1999 vintage which we keep in road-shape as they quit making them in 2001, and we L-O-V-E the little thing, especially in the mountains....and who could fear its miniscule 3,200 lb total weight!)

These little encounters with folks are fun, and they offer views into others experience and lives. Always interesting. The nicest part is that built-in commonality of interests in RVing. One thing which has surprised me a good bit is how many younger folks who have the RVs and motorhomes. Folks in their late 20s and 30s. I confess I did not understand for a while as I did not have the money for such a thing back then. Now, I understand more about it. LONG term financing by many places allow folks to borrow 80% of the cost for up to 20 years!!!!! After all it is a 2nd home folks. For my part, however, Duchess & I are too frugal to spend that much money on interest!


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