Wednesday, August 01, 2007


On The Road to MIchigan

On the road from Tomahawk to Mackinaw City, Michigan. We traveled across the "UP" as it is known here...the upper peninsula. Below, a rest stop where we lunched alongside the road with "Roadhouse" and "Side Road Suzie."

Manistique lighthouse sits on a rock quay in Lake Michigan. The place is actually about 50-70 feet tall, and located at the end of a quarter mile quay. I am zoomed to 10 times in this picture.

Following a discussion of my constant use of the camera, Duchess insisted on a picture of "The Duke" at the wheel...

The Mackinaw Bridge.....Cost, $8 for a motorhome with car attached! Autos get across for $2.50.
We did not feel the oft-mentioned wind whipping our vehicle about. Seems the wind is usually high on the bridge, and I can believe it. There are no high railings to break the wind, and the center of the lanes is a grid of steel, allowing wind through. On our crossing it was calm. jet boat to Mackinaw Island. Pictures tonight folks....We're probably going to splurge and take a horsedrawn carriage tour.


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