Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Mill Creek Campground - Mackinaw City, MI

Our home for the next three days. Beautiful, but commercial....500 plus sites....tents, campers, cabins, RVs, trailers et al. For our camper friends (ya listening Milt?).....The tent/smaller popups/trucks, etc. get nice tree-shaded sites. We "Big Guys" get sun...but nicely-equipt sites. The camp sells ride tickets to Mackinac, plus discounts for them....and provides a shuttle. We opted to drive to the free parking so we could come and go at any time. Just three miles away in town was a nice IGA market where we shopped.

I write this after our day at Mackinac Island.....(note: both Mackinaw and Mackinac are pronounced with the "aw" at the end)...But, will continue in chronological order.

Tree Love!
Neat thing near our beachfront...just about 300 feet from our unit. We can actually see Mackinac Island from the shore. Lots of kids swimming in Lake Huron....We can also see the Mackinac Bridge from the campground shore.

This was sunset last night AT 9:15PM!!!Sunset! To the eye the sun was huge, and ORANGE! The camera loses the orange color to a dull white/orange look.

Lovely place, and fine prelude to the Island!!!


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