Thursday, August 09, 2007


Mackinac Island - Part 3

What good is an island without a fort? Mackinac Island has a fort.....amusingly it is named "Fort Mackinac". Go figure!The fort is actually quite a big piece of real estate...mostly wood. It co$t$ to go there.

The stone arch is part of the woods/fort tour in the three horse cart. It is huge. It is strange in such a setting.
From atop the walkway on the stone arch is a view of the Lake Huron beach below. To gauge size of the arch and its drop to the lake....check the arrow in the picture for the ant-like humans wading in the water below.
This is a marvelous island, and costs a bit to visit, but is something not-to-be-missed while in the area.


NEXT: A trip up the UP to Whitefish point!

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