Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Feedback & A New Friend!

My Post labeled "On Golden Pond"....referring to the similarities between the images of that movie and the cottages/homes we saw in the Adirondacks along the lakes there.... has drawn a response, via comment, from a neat source.

"Rebecca Leonard said...

Your photos are beautiful! As a life-long 'Dacker I truly appreciate them. Thanks for sharing and, by the way, "On Golden Pond" is one of my favorite movies. I love the title of your blog!"

Ms. Leonard, who responded to my email as Becky, is a lucky permanent resident of that area, and more importantly......(shilling follows)....she is an author of a book

Give her a visit at her web page Rebecca Leonard's Self-Publishing Blog! While you're there order her book and look thru the blog.

I envy her living in the Adirondacks.....in the Summer......Winter time, I'll take Florida!

Thanks for the comment Becky!


Wow, thank you, Duke! The winters are awesome, come up and go sliding down the hills with us (grin).
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