Sunday, August 26, 2007


Castles, Bad Roads & Waterfalls!

Waterfalls are not a rarity in the Adirondacks....some large, some small, some chains of falls.
Whiteface Castle is not a castle! We visited this combination visitor viewing station, and weather station on Whiteface Mountain. The road up was built back in the 1930s....I do believe the surface has not been renewed since! The road was horrendous. AND, you paid $7 each to drive the thing. As we wound up the mountain we saw the road and "castle" above us. If you look close at the very top of the mountain about center-picture you see a mound. That is actually a tower atop the mountain accessed via a tunnel that runs 250 feet into the mountain where you catch an elevator that lifts you 17 stories to the tower.
The castle is actually a lunch stand, offices for the weather guys, and the park rangers, and provides a turn around.
Atop the mountain from the overlook one can see Lake Placid....the actual lake adjacent to the town. While there, storms were moving about us, and this cloud bumped into the peak of the mountain and took a turn straight up...quite a moving site to see. As with all mountains the temperatures were much lower than in the valley below.
On this day we drove for several hours, seeing the mountain, waterfalls, etc. A beautiful part of our country which provides lots and lots of scenic pictures.

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