Sunday, August 26, 2007


Adirondacks....."On Golden Pond!"

From the Finger Lakes to the Adirondacks is only a few hours drive. We stayed in Old Forge at the Old Forge Campground for three days. It was deep in the woods, and had a small lake for swimming and boat rentals. Nightly campfires covered the area of some 500 campsites, and each morning bears and smaller critters were spotted about the place seeking food. Instructions about storing food away, and if you stayed in tents to NOT wear your dinner clothes to bed, were issued upon arrival.

Lakes.....Duchess made the connection...."Everywhere there is a low spot, there is a lake." Truth. Hundreds of beautiful lakes and cabins/homes like this one...
Lakes were rimmed by trees of many kinds, and each lake had its own character. People were there in abundance as it was mid-Summer, but still there were no apparent crowds except at such attractions as the water park in Old Forge...and sometimes in the evening at the local eateries where the food was delicious.
One striking feature to us was the absolute clarfity of most of the lakes. Here, in about three feet of water, a small piece of wood surrounded by sand. The water was cool, but not as cold as we had anticipated.
While snapping the clear water shot above, I looked about and found this lovely shot of a butterfly. On this entire trip I shot probably fifty or more butterfly pictures...and I'll post a show of them after our trip pictures are completed. The variety of butterfly colors, sizes, etc. was amazing. The Adirondacks contain enough opportunities to view special places to occupy tourists such as we for weeks....we had three days. On day two (next story folks) we visit some waterfalls and a castle!

Your photos are beautiful! As a life-long 'Dacker I truly appreciate them. Thanks for sharing and, by the way, "On Golden Pond" is one of my favorite movies. I love the title of your blog!
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