Sunday, July 29, 2007


Youth Revisited!

Tomorrow we leave Rockford for points North. Tomahawk, Wisconsin. I visited the town each Summer from about age 12 to 16-17. Fell in love with the daughter of the resort owner, who was a year younger, each year, (may have been the buxom look as she had the personality of a pit viper!) and will now revisit to see if the resort is even there.(I already knew the buxom lass moved to California decades ago!) Should be fun! Probably will not even know the town.

My Dad used to take me to town when he went for fishing supplies, etc., and we'd visit the downtown pub with the old wooden bar. They served me glasses of beer from age 15 on! Loved Wisconsin!....actual drinking age was supposed to be 18 I believe, but they were really relaxed about it! I also remember fishing and driving the boat to a combo store/dock/pub at the head end of our Lake Alice. They served dime glasses of beer which you took to your boat, and then left the glasses on the dock and a store employee picked them all up every hour.

Next night (Tuesday)....Mackinaw City, and our visit to Mackinac Island the following day!


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