Thursday, July 19, 2007


Preparation & SNAFUs Aplenty!

Duchess and I are rushing toward our departure Sunday on the BIG swing North and West for three weeks.

As the time slips away and we begin the process of loading clothes, food, etc. into the motorhome, the usual SNAFUs plague us!

Yesterday I fired up the genset to supply power for the AC as we paraded back and forth between the house and the coach carrying our worldly goods. Note: I bring the coach to the house and driveway to facilitate this process. I also keep it plugged in to a house 110 v circuit so i can charge batteries, and run the refrigerator, etc. 110 v will not run the AC, so I have to use the genset. Three hours later I had a flood of water dropping from the central air system onto the carpet in the living room area.....Seems something has plugged the drain for the AC on the roof. Today I go mountain climbing to remove the plug which is likely a wasp nest! Fun!

Meanwhile we are awaiting shipments of our meds (we buy online and get a 90 day supply at a time). I got all but one new prescription which is due here today, through Monday!!!! We leave Sunday. Nice!

Duchess has now switched to Medicare as a primary and another company as backup (2ndary). Yesterday, having not received her drugs, she called the company which informed her they had shipped her prescriptions back to her as the insurance was not yet shown correctly on their records. Thus NO drugs for her, and the scrips in the good hands of the USPS! Really Nice!

Today Duchess trundled off to her water aerobics class and then to get a haircut. I, thus, am left with two phones....hers in case Medicare calls back about the insurance switch....mine to do the calling for a 30 day supply of her drugs for our trip! Plus I still have to climb on the top of the 12 foot tall motorhome to open the wasp-plugged drain. Really, Really Nice!

I need a vacation! - OH WAIT! That is what is causing this in the 1st place!

The countdown continues.....


Wow. You are a brave man.

Safe travels...
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