Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Beachaven Winery - Love It!

Stopped at one of our favorite places, Beachaven Winery. This lovely place is located off I-24 at exits 4 & 8 in the extreme northern area of Tennessee. If you get off at exit 8, turn left at "International Blvd". There is no sign as construction proceeds in the area. From exit 4 the signs are plentiful, but it is a 2.4 mile drive.

This winery....winner of many awards....has a bevy of great finds in their cellars. Wines with names llike "Tempo", "Jazz", "Harmony" and "Melody" lead the menu for tasting. There are many more, including "Cumberland White", the only wine we've found outside of the New York fingerlakes area which is made with the delicious Niagra grape.
This lovely sight is the field of young vines outside the winery....both vines and winery are visible from I-24.

Stop in....taste and buy. I proceeded to have a nice exchange of books-to-read ideas with two of the employees as we tasted. Nice break from the road! We left with quite a few bottles and enjoyed our first last evening in Terre Haute, Indiana with good friends. We just L-O-V-E traveling.


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