Sunday, July 22, 2007


40557 to ?????

That was our mileage on departure from Tampa about noon today. We'll easily do 5,000 miles on this three and a half week trip. The picture above is my "comm center", dash at left with GPS, and rear camera screen. The weather was doing what it always does in Summer in Florida....raining!

On the road.......Tifton, Georgia this evening where we are re-visiting The Pines Campground. Easy in and out from I-75 exit 61 in Georgia. Full hook ups, and $20 for a night. On the road in 2 minutes in the morning....
The usual Georgia perpetual-forever road building. Here they remodel 30-100 miles at a time, and the cops use the reduced speedlimit as a nice way to catch some out-of-state dollars.

The trip was smooth and "Roadhouse" is performing well, while Side-road-Suzie follows along obediently.

Tired tonight more tomorrow.


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