Friday, May 18, 2007


Ready - Set - Go! To Holiday Cove RV Resort!

Well, following a four week hiatus while the Duchess had shoulder surgery, we're back on the road again...albeit locally!

Next Thursday we return to one of our favorite campgrounds in the area....Holiday Cove RV Resort down in Cortez (near Bradenton, FL). Here is my post about our 1st visit there...

Going there for the four day (for us) Holiday weekend.

You want to talk about clean restrooms and showers and a nice clean pool....they have them all. They also do a much better job of getting you situated than most any place we've landed. Escorting and guiding you to the best possible location on your site is something I appreciate!

In our estimation, their ratings in the Trailer Life CD of campgrounds are a bit low.....Not that they are bad at 8.5, 8 & 7.5....just lower than we feel they deserve based upon other ratings we have seen.

It will be good to get back into "Road House" and to be towing "Sideroad Suzie" again.

Time away from home and on the road, even locally, is wonderful.

It now appears that Duchess's rehab will take us into July, and thus the anticipated 6 week trip to Washington/Oregon is delayed til later on.

I'll be posting here and on my pic blog for the holiday check them both out!


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