Friday, April 06, 2007


Gatlinburg - via Jacksonville

Sorry for the delay folks.....The WiFi here at Gatlinburg has been weak to say the least. I had to wait til this morning when I had time and I drove down by the office of Twin Creeks Resort where the signal is excellent.

I'll see if I can catch up now!

The 1st pic, above is "Roadhouse" & "Sideroad Suzie", our iron horse sitting in Jacksonville at Flamingo Lake, RV Resort...a nice place whose only fault I can find is they still charge for archaic move in this day and age when most parks have it free. I refused to pay for WiFi & told them so. We'll see if it changes by next September when Duchess and I return to Jax for son, Little Duke's, wedding.

More in a bit folks!


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