Saturday, April 14, 2007


Gatlinburg - Cross-Blogging!

We are home from the Gatlinburg trip, and despite some really seriously-deficient WiFi at our campground, we have posted pics at my picture blog.

Just go to Tampa Town Review and read down....the posts are, of course in reverse order, so if you want to follow our chronological order for our trip, go down to the start article and scan upwards...

Got lots of pics.....had a great time, albeit a C-O-L-D one.....Coldest we have ever had for the "Roadhoase"....down to 26, 28 and 20 for the last three nights in Gatlinburg. NOTE: The "Roadhouse" was warm and toasty, and our propane tank, which was down to 3/4ths when we arrived, survived all the cold nights and we still have 1/4 left....Nice! Means we can do a week of COLD with no problem.

We stayed at Twin Creek Resort, on Rt. 321 just three miles outside Gatlinburg (North). It is a very nice park, and the folks were both quick to help us, and quite friendly at all times....and that included the manager/owner Bill (not sure which), and ALL his helpers down to the fellow who collected garbage in a daily morning run.

I highly recommend the place, but if you are like me and want WiFi, ask for a site near the office.....I was out a good ways, and my signal was "LOW" low I could not post some emails, and it would not time any pictures. I actually drove my "Sideroad Suzie" toad up to the office and posted on laptop in battery mode...

The only other problem I found was this quite nice campground had no propane. I'd have refilled, just to be safe, if they had propane. Nearest propane....more than 8 miles! Not good.

They are checking the WiFi problem, and might be fixing it soon. They actually have two signals "Twincreek 1 & Twincreek 2".....#1 is 54 mps.....#2 is 11mps....both were low signal in my parking spot (#31).

The location was nice, and as the pics on the picture blog show, the flowers were beautiful when we arrived. After the freezing nights they all wilted and fell off. But I have the pics of them in their glory which is, of course, fleeting usually anyway.

Total cost, with our discounts (we are Good Sam, AARP, and several others which gets us a discount at most places) was $178 for 5 nights.....not bad for an area like Gatlinburg.

The trip was a good relief as we wait for Duchess' shoulder surgery which was, unfortunately delayed again as Medicare will not cover at the place we had intended....we had to reschedule for a nearby hospital outpatient area.

Go RVing folks......!!!! It is delicious!


I've been stuck in similar situations, getting a real low signal (if any) on my laptop, when the park advertises high-speed WiFi.

I started using the Wi-Fire from and I have to say, it's like night and day. The gadget is a USB adapter with a high gain antenna. It's much more convenient to carry than other bulkier adapters and satellites. Set-up was a piece of cake. It has low power consumption, so when I'm outside, I can stay connected much longer.

hField advertises a 1000 ft range. What I have found, is wherever the signal from my internal was weak and unreliable, I get a stronger uninterrupted signal and I also get signal in places much further from the access point (where my laptop doesn't even recognize a signal).
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