Thursday, March 29, 2007


Gatlinburg Bound!!!

Next Tuesday we depart, Duchess and I and "CJ, our cat, in the "Road House" for Gatlinburg. We had a delay in Duchess' shoulder surgery due a bug we both got. That is now set for April 11th, osoooo....

"Back on the road again, gotta get back on the road again!"

Seems too long since we were able to hit the pavement.

On the way we overnight Tuesday in Jax at Flamingo Lake RV Resort. Nice place where we've stayed before. It is also located about 30 minutes from home of Little Duke and his fiancee who will join us for Tuesday night late dinner to celebrate Little Duke & Duchess birthdays.....he that night (3rd) and she 7th.

We're staying at a really nice Gatlinburg RV park (Twin Creek) which is rated 9.5, 10, 9.5 by the review system....also a 5 diamond Woodalls. Costs a bit more, but lots cheaper than a decent hotel/motel.

We'll be getting in the days of Blue Ridge Parkway; Smokey Mountain Park; and Cade's the delicious Motor Parkway out of downtown Gatlinburg to the nearby mountains.

There'll be lots of pics, etc.

Man I can't wait!


p.s. I'll have to alert Jerry at JerrySpeak who loves the Blue Riidge as much as we do, and I can send him some pics from next week's trip to wet his whistle (like he needed it!) about the coming May trip up there. Check in every day from April 3-9 folks for pics, etc. I'll have wirless and be sending as I shoot em.

p.s.s. I'll be cross-posting some pics at my picture blog as well..... Tampa Town Review.

NO FAIR!!!!!!! I am already there in my mind! I am so jealous! I wish you and the Duchess the best trip ever and I will check everyday for the pics!!!!! Ride safe my friend!

Jerry in Tampa
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