Monday, January 29, 2007


NASCAR Photo Finish (for RVs & Limos)?

NOPE! Just the winter home of our "Road House"...
& This entry shows a picture of our actual storage lot where you'll find boats, big cars, RVs, trailers and other assorted goods...The lot includes a large dog and a resident handyman who has his own RV on site...Thus it is fairly secure.

Our plans for the Spring-to-Summer trip West are continuing. Already having to carve out some stops originally planned, such as Vegas, due the pressing time of 6-8 weeks for travel. Seems like forever until you begin to plot two visits with kids/grandkids in Texas and Illinois (going and coming), and lots of things to see along our way out and back.

I'll set forth more of an itinerary soon, and then we'll make plans for communication.

Some things already bought, or anticipated.....

GPS - Duchess got me a Garmin c330 for my January 1st birthday. This thing is really slick...particularly for me as I still recall my small GPS used on our vessel, Reality (27 foot flybridge, sportfisher). The changes are astounding! So much more capability. Son-In-Law Lance and his dad (who just bought an RV as well) both got the same unit for Christmas. I have used it locally, and the device has so many good uses, it is giving me the kid-with-a-new-toy image!

Looking at the Motorola "Q"....a blackberry which also gets email, and internet. In addition it has a handy cord to plug from the Q to my laptop (USB), giving me internet anywhere there is Verizon.....Seems reasonable with a price of $99.95, and a monthly of $79.95 (email time and internet time is supposedly not part of the 450 minutes included....I'll check that closely.

Meanwhile we are getting the bug to GO...and will be going for a trip of a week or so in March...just to get back in step with the RV.

More later folks....


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