Thursday, December 21, 2006


Plans: Underway for 07-08 Trips

We are in the planning stages....around Christmas, visiting family from Houston, a very ill Sister, etc. for our coming trips.

Mainly two BIG tours planned.

May-June 2007 We'll do a big to Houston, then Grand Canyon and Grand Tetons enroute to Washington/Oregon for two-four weeks exploring in our toad. Then back through Northern Illinois to see kids/grandkids, and on back to Tampa.

Summer 2008 With Son-in-law's folks (they retire in 07 and just bought their 40 ft Bounder) on a long Alaska Summer trip. They plan to possibly stay longer than we shall. They have plans to work as a state park for a month or two. We'll go up together, but may not find ourselves together for the return trip.

I'm still doing my contract work for the hospital and setting up the remote capability stuff....including my own website with lots more options.

Check out our Christmas lights, etc. at my picture blog... Tampa Town Review.

Keep the spirit for the holidays folks....


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