Friday, October 06, 2006


How the Campgrounds Vary!

The differences are remarkable, and sometimes relate to type of campground....sometimes to the owner/operator.

This weekend we stayed at "Silver Springs Campers Gardens" across the road from Silver Springs ...the Silver Springs, Florida.

The campground is probably 75-85% permanent campers.....those with trailers with bases, and permanent connections. The few spots remaining are sprinkled about. The charges are mostly related to those permanent campers. The monthly rates are reasonable, and each camper pays their own electric. For we of the temporary class there is a set daily fee, and then daily additions for AC & Cable.

The park is sedate, and filled with reitred, or semi-retired folks with a few locals who just like the quiet.

Our cable did not work, and there was no wifi.....For me this is traumatic. I NEED to communicate.

Oh well, it was clean, and the folks at the office were nice.


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