Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tomorrow Never Comes!


In about 15 hours we leave the drive of the Dutchy for the Illinois-Wisconsin area for our 1st long trip. Should be about a long two day drive, but we have planned three as it is our first road trip of consequence.

Several matters of interest or concern will be answered.......

How do we average (mph) over a day.....we go slower than when driving our car, but have less-frequent stops and eat aboard as well as sleep there.

How will the big 7.4 liter V-8 fare in the mountains leaving Chattanooga North on I-24? With our "Toad" behind us we are 22,000 pounds and 53 feet long.

How well will gears and brakes do coming back down out of the mountains?

Interesting and we'll drop you some words as we go and as wireless presents itself!


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