Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Retirement....She, Not Me!

We begin our new lifestyle.

The Duchess and I both retire this year.

She retired with much fanfare, and lots of goodies after 30 plus years at her job for a major Tampa hospital last Friday.

We were off at noon for our 1st nice vacation of three (3) days?Yep, I had to be back at work until August.

We went to Disney's Fort Wilderness. Nice place. Costly, but well set-up, except for one MAJORLY annoying thing. NO WIRELESS!Parks all across the country now have wireless. Not Disney. I could see a wireless system at the Contemporary from our site, but it was down half of most days, and cost $9.95 per day.Disney, usually the frontrunner in things for parks is WAY behind on this one and I shall let them know my feelings by email!

Our stay was grand.

We did the Ultimate!!!!!!

I booked us into the Victoria and Alberts Restaurant in the Grand Floridian Resort for Friday night. A 9:15pm seating. We ate:we drank...... 7 Courses, 8 wines, and way too much.... Wonderful, wonderful food and drink. We finished about midnight!I crossed the $400 mark for a meal for the very 1st time......It was, afterall her retirement, and we enjoyed!

The campground was marvelous. We walked, we rode our little Schwinn electric cruisers...with seats, and we visited EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, and yes, we rode Everest, the roller coaster...She cause she loves em; me cause I love her!

Great weekend.


Duke, Remember to save some money for gas, not food! Enjoy well as eating.

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