Sunday, April 09, 2006


Preparations Underway - Trips Ahead...

The Duchess and I bought our Motorcoach about a year before we will be using it frequently, having learned by ownership of a 27 foot flybridge sportfisher that there are almost always lots of preparations to be made and things to be bought, installed.

That has proven true.

Our investment in a relatively-expensive warrantee was well worth it. Remember, in an RV of any kind you will have constant repairs. The fact is you are really buying a home on wheels. Thus you have a drive train and its potential problems, as well as a full house. Lost of potential for problems. We have so-far repaired the electric steps, and one of the leveling jacks on the coach.

Now, we are planning trips and places.....

April 28th its off to Disney's Fort Wilderness for three nights....The Duchess retire from her 30 plus year time as a Cardiac Nurse/Nurse Manager/Clinician at our place of employment...Tampa General Hospital. The three days is our celebration as we begin the retirement transition. Then yours truly goes back to work!

Our next venture will be our 1st long trip. North from Tampa to Rockford, IL to spend a week with daughter, son-in-law and three, hopefully a chance to lunch with some high school friends from that area. Then we drive South to my hometown of Pekin, IL where June 9th and 10 I'll be attending activities for my high school class' 45th reunion...BOY is that a long time, or what?

The trip will provide us a full measure of on-the-road camping, and the chance to enjoy friends and family.

More as we get closer.


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