Thursday, March 02, 2006


Future Post!

This one is BIG!!!


I am NOT joking, my friends......

When you buy your coach, you will be presented (at least at major dealers such as ours, Lazy Days in Tampa, FL) with LOTS of options.....we looked at all and opted for the MAJOR program.....5 years....most everything....$5,000 cost (nearly)....

Then came the first test.....

An electric step stopped the DOWN position. We called, and we told them of the problem, and of our members #, BUT (ain't it always in the details???) We DID NOT tell them we had bought the BIG warrantee! Who would have thunk you would NEED to since we gave them our #, and they knew what we bought! The step was further damaged on our way it was less than 4 inches from the ground!


They leave it to you to tell them what you bought from THEM!

The electric step was lunched, buit since I did not alert them to our coverage they did not manage to collect for it...... They first tore off the old step, then informed me it would be $683... I asked then about why the warrantee was not covering, and the man said "Warrantee????" I knew I was in trouble!

Cost me almost $700!

Expensive lesson.....

NOTE: Tell dealer of your coverage when you come in for repairs, and also let them know what is detail....KEEP NAMES of those with whom you visit (particularly phone conversations)...they will be many, and the names change daily!

Well, lesson learned, and experience is a hard teacher....wish the folks at the dealership paid more attention to the details of HOW to file a claim, and arrange for repair....and a bit less on selling you the moon!


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