Thursday, February 02, 2006


Been neglectin the site!

We have, as a family been busy this December, January.....

Sorry, and I promise the listings and postings shall expand MUCH!


Well, April 28th, the Duchess shall retire....August sometime so shall I!!

I will continue my job at the hospital, but will be a "Contract person" and will do much of my stuff from the email and remote possibilities!

I love it as I do not need to actually "Retire", but will instead transition into partial performance for my job....and it allows me the creative part.....

The Duchess is completely happy being retired!

It will be a new thing for us, obviously....and one we have anticipated for several years. The nice thing is, we are finding we are going to be OK for financial things....given a reasonable inflation rate.

Who knows for the future in 20 years!!!!!


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