Sunday, December 11, 2005


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to Us!

Duchess and I decided to exchange electric scooters as our primary Christmas present this year. We have wanted something to carry in the "Roadhouse" for campground transportation, and just for fun.

We settled on one quite similar to this Schwinn. We saved a bit by buying a model being phased out which has none of the "kiddie" style designations, just a plain and quite attractive dark red color.

They are 750 watt electric motors; make up to 15 mph, and can go 8-10 miles on a charge. Convenience for the RV transportation is remarkable. The seat and basket lift off and the handle bars fold over leaving a unit which slides into a rear deep-bay storage area to be bungee-cord restrained during travel. Cost was $300 each at our local Pep Boys which has an amazing array of electric scooters-bicycles, etc.

Grandson Scott, along on our shopping trip, was enamored of a "chopper-style" electric bike. He'll not be getting one as we are currently trying to remove his fascination with motorcycles.

Another part of our build-up to long term travel has been completed.

Merry Christmas, my Love! Oh, and thank you for such a thoughtful gift!


UPDate: Charged 1st of the scooters, and while messing around with 2nd unit's assembly, decided to take the 1st for a sidewalk spin in our neighborhood. It was quiet, faster than I imagined, and at first a bit scary. I have not been on the quick-turning scooter style anything in probably 45 years! Wobbly at first, but gained confidence quickly. Duchess is still a bit afraid of the thing, but it actually is a lot less dangerous for we old foggies than a bicycle as if this thing begins to overturn, you simply step off. NOTE: the nice BIG wide seat is a benefit for those of us who are possessed of a good sized sitter-downer!

Finally, someone else with the same type of interests that I have posting in their blog. I just want to thank you for the great read.

Take care,
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