Saturday, November 19, 2005


Towing a "Toad", Continued...

Now the story has changed. I originally was informed the Suzuki Vitara, 2WD, standard transmission could NOT be towed except backwards with the rear wheels off the ground.

Now, however, two separate manufacturers of towing hitches and equipment have informed me the manual for the Suzuki is WRONG. Seems the folk at Suzuki are worried about lawsuits!

Of course, my 1st perception was that there were some folk who did not know my vehicle. However, it seems several hundred Vitaras and their Tracker counterparts are touring the USA behing coaches.

Now I am determined to tow this thing, and apparently will be quite capable of doing so....Price tag for a "fold-away" hitch and lighting that utilizes my own Suzuki tail lights and turn signals, plus the connector at the Suzuki end will be about $1,500 before finished. OK....I can live with long as the tow is GOOD!


hi there-

just wondering if you have towed the suzuki with a bracket and towbar? i have a 99 vitara and also saw the manual says only on a dolly. just wondering what i can do. thanx
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