Thursday, November 24, 2005


Road Trip! Our 1st....

Saturday the Duchess and I will be hosting about seven folks from my Elks Lodge for a short jaunt down I-275 & I-75 from Tampa to Naples, there to visit their Elks Lodge, and then back to Punta Gorda to do the same. (For non-Elks, we are a very sociable group, and visiting other Lodges is fun for us, and spreads the organization.)

I'll blog on the results.....have my 1st maps from my Rand McNally trip program, and maps to the Lodges from Yahoo maps. I will be bringing the "Roadhouse", as it has been dubbed, home tomorrow from storage for a quick wash job, and some loading of essentials for the trip.

Excitement is there already, both for us and for our friends who enjoy such jaunts.

I'll be setting up a new laptop-connected GPS map program tomorrow for use in a nicely-designed niche in the dash on the passenger side. The thing should help us maneuver directly to the Lodges, if all goes as planned.

More later.


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