Saturday, November 05, 2005


Nothing Easy - Take Storage for Instance

What does one do with a 33 foot motorcoach when not traveling?

If you own 20 acres, you're all set. If you live in town (Tampa, FL) as we do, you need a storage place. Our coach, when backed into our driveway occupies everything from the house to the front sidewalk.

"Storage" means different things to various folks. Some get $40 per month to allow you to park in a field with minimal fencing, and no lighting or security. Some are WAY out of town where property is cheaper. Some, in town, are nicer but also more expensive.

We ended up at a place actually located about two miles from home. It is slightly off the road behind a building, has a live-on tenant who is home every night, has security cameras to the fellow's own coach, and is well-fenced and lighted. The toll goes up to $75 right about here. Not cheap, but convenient and gives a feel of security.

I am seriously considering a piece of land, fenced and available to others...but then I have to obtain insurance, etc. Probably not worth it.


UPDATE: Suddenly it occurs to me! This is a whole lot like boat ownership (we had a 26 foot flybridge sportfisher for five years). They both cost a lot and the trials and tribulations of ownership are endless. The rewards, however should be great....they were for the boat!

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