Sunday, November 27, 2005


1st Road Trip - A Success!

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Nine brave souls....well, eight and yours truly, (that's the Duchess and I at the right of the picture!) set out from Tampa aboard the now-named "Roadhouse" on a sunny, clear & cool Saturday morning.

Our trip covered 11 hours, and included visits by our crew of "Elks & Ladies of the Elks", to lodges in Naples and Punta Gorda. We ate a lunch in Naples Lodge, and then found ourselves waterside on the Peace River at the Punta Gorda Lodge for a fine dinner we had packed ourselves. The coach was marvelous. With 9 aboard we averaged almost dead on 8 mpg! That was pleasing to us.

The ride was wonderful, and the companionship and laughter was most enjoyable. We had along some nice wines, but began the day with a bright wake-me-up of Bloody Mary with a huge stalk of celery. Then your driver drank water!

One knack I seem to have, and perhaps I picked it up from our earlier boating days, is not just finding a place to park the coach, but also looking ahead to how we will find a path for departure. This is critical for any who have yet to experience the thrill of trying to maneuver in a parking lot full of cars with turn lanes designed for those cars!

It is also quite evident to the Duchess and I the Lazydays driving school is a fantastic bargain! (Free to purchasers of Lazydays vehicles)....The simple things such as turning radius, backing and so forth give you a several weeks head start on driving capability. The lesson on setting your mirrors alone is well-worth the time. Unless you've driven an RV, you'll not know of what I speak, but trust me, your first time on an on ramp to an interstate, you'll find out.

Good Trip! Good Friends! Great Coach!


p.s. If you read the last post (see below), I was not able to find the time to set up the GPS on my laptop, so we flew blind....well, not really, as I have lived in Naples and my sister in Punta Gorda, so knew my way around quite nicely.

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