Tuesday, October 25, 2005



There, did I state it with enough conviction?

We went back to LazyDays for our "Driver Training" course.....free since we bought our Coach there.....

This is a MUST HAVE!

There are NO alternatives. The Duchess and I have had a boat (27 foot - 10 foot beam, flybridge, dual station....etc.) We found you need to know what to do, and how to do it.

Thus the Motorcoach driving school.

It is a school aimed at things not-obvious to most. It is aimed at things so basic as "how do you know when to turn your coach?" (believe me, this is crucial as your auto was 2.5 feet narrower than your coach....and you drove from "amidships" rather than "out front" as your coach now directs you)

You learn how to use your "hip" location to determine when to begin turning so you don't wipe out the corner mailbox, or some poor individual whose car is near you.

You learn signals to back your coach using the wife/hubby combo......(Note here... The Duchess and I work very well together.....thus we worked well docking the boat, and now we seem to click on the coach!) The secret is a few signals which are common to all....plus the sound in my backup camera which allows the Dutchess to let me know when I am doing wrong!!!!!



p.s. Next is our 1st camping experience! You need to read this!

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