Friday, October 07, 2005


OK, We Need to Think This Thru!

Yep....there are L-O-T-S of things to think thru when you are buying.

Oh, yes, we have decided upon the Coach....we have signed the purchase agreement, plunked down a "hold-it" payment, and followed thru with money to close the deal and make it ours......


Things keep popping up! Insurance......seems we priced two sources, and they were identical in price......AMAZING!!! The cost of insuring a motorhome like ours (33 ft Class A) is LESS than the cost of my insurance on my Town Car!....In fact, it is LESS than the cost of the insurance on our Suzuki Vitara (jeep-type vehicle)....which will become our "Toad"....(Towed vehicle)....

The explantion, from the insurers is....they are typically driven fewer miles, and they are driven much more conservatively than cars/trucks, etc. Thus they are in fewer accidents, and present a smaller risk to the insurers!

I accept it, cause it costs me LOTS less than anticipated!


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