Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Catching Up Today!

The last two days have been, to say the least, hectic. Frustrating also comes to mind.

1st Night - Sunday morning. I awoke at 2am to the sound of water gushing through a hose. After searching by flashlight under the coach and finding no leak, I returned inside to check the gauges (the coach has a control panel telling you approximate levels of propane, fresh water, grey water and black water......(if you don't know about grey and black water just picture dishwater and shower water in one...And the rest of the stuff from the bathroom in the other).

There I found an apparently lower fresh water supply, and rising grey and/or black water levels.

I knew the thing had to be leaking somewhere.....I turned off the water heater, and the noise stopped. At noon, that is when they open on Sunday, I went to the office and left word about the problem...."We'll take care of it 1st thing Monday morning," I was told. We went home, as we only live about 30 minutes from Lazydays.

Monday at noon, I got a call asking why my coach was still in the delivery site. Now I got a bit angry. Promises came to fix it. Later I got a call asking me to meet the technician at 8am Tuesday at the coach. We met. The noise was not water running, but the sound of the water heater flame as it heated.....We are not used to such a sound as we do not have gas at home. My inexperienced bad!!!

Overall, the folks at Lazydays are friendly, and every one who has come to our coach has been very competent, and solved whatever problem in minutes. If I have a complaint, it is the huge size and vast number of folks involved seem to lack a bit in communication.

Next: Our 1st trip and "driving school"....


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