Tuesday, December 18, 2012



The story is not good......We are now at December 18th.....and Duchess is still in a restraint for her right leg. It will remain, except during showers and PT.........Til January 7th. Then rehab begins in earnest of the leg which will have atrophied.  "Roadhouse, II" sits.....

This time Duchess fell.......She was at her club for water aerobics, finished her class, and was showering.....When she flipped the swimsuit over the shower-curtain rod, it fell and she followed. She landed on her shin on the tiled lip of the shower, and then her elbow and knee.

Off to Tampa General Emergency room where it was found she had a broken knee cap. Surgery followed the next day. The shoulder injury is still progressing to an MRI.....Probably a torn Rotator Cuff.......Sad as Duchess is "Tired" of surgery and rehab.

More later folks


Monday, December 10, 2012

The story is long and convoluted.....but true. Duchess had problems and we also had "Roadhouse, II" problems........got to Rockford, and had to drive last 100 miles without air suspension in rear of the bus. Knocked things off the walls, hangers in closet, etc.

We fixed that, but Duchess' problems with getting about remained, and we had to drive to Tampa and get her bacxk in rehab and water aerobics/water volleyball....Lost our entire summer season.

Sad, but life is life.....

Now we are into December and Duchess fell in her water class area shower and broke her knee cap. Surgery and a leg brace til January 7th......Not good, and no Christmas trip to Texas.....

The future is clouded as we await problems with her shoulder.....from the fall....