Thursday, March 31, 2011


A New Season....The Game Has Changed!

Carved on a large rock at Natural Bridge in Virginia
We are deep into planning for the 2011 trip(s). Actually we figured we'd be long gone by now, however no such luck. Family plans have rescheduled us....a grandchild graduating high school in Rockford, IL; a gathering of another part of the family for a trip to Grand Canyon and places West of Houston, their home.

Now for the game changers mentioned above. Last year we bought gas at about a dollar less per gallon than this year. Now that may not be much of a game-changer in a 40 mpg Prius....However, our 8mpg motor home, now towing a Jeep Wrangler which weighs half-again the weight of our old "toad"...a Suzuki. Those changes will give us an approximate cost for the trip from here to Northern Illinois, back down to Houston, then West to Grand Canyon (with stops in between) will set me back about $2,000 just for the fuel to get to Grand Canyon.

I'll be exploring our decision-making process and trip planning as we head toward a May 30th departure. Stay tuned!