Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wax on - Wax Off!

Today "Roadhouse" began receiving her wax job, to make her bright and shiny, and to allow air to flow easily over her skin so i get .01 mpg better mileage!

The trip approaches.

Details of the 1st section soon folks!



Tuesday, March 10, 2009


NOW, We Get Serious!

I have oft-mentioned that I spent this year as Secretary of my Tampa Elks Lodge. That, in effect, managed to steal a year from our retirement travels. The lone exception was a week plus in July in the Blue Ridge.

N-O-W, however, it is on. I am out of office April 1st....well, not exactly, as I will continue to back the new Secretary (he was Secretary for 13 years prior to my interruption) and as such will actually hold the office until the 1st week of April.

BUT, then we begin the packing, the cleaning, the changing ( new rear tires on the coach, new tires on the "Toad", our Suzuki Jeep "Sideroad Suzie" gets new rubber also. And, I have to purchase a new tow bar.

With everything covered, we should be on the road by April 19th....plus or minus.

Our travels will take us 1st to Illinois where in Rockford we will see Grandson Ian for the 1st time, and visit also Grandkids Eddie, Garett and Jacalyn...OH, and of course the kids, Daughter Nancy and Son-In-Law Jeff.....

Then we are off to new country for us...The great NW and all in-between Illinois and said country.

I'll post more as time approaches for our departure.